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Tourists flock to Chinese zoo to see ‘human-like’ bear. What is your opinion on this?
A big flock of visitors gathered at the zoo in China's Zhejiang province after a video of bear named Angela, mistaken for a human in a bear suit, went viral on social media.
France evacuates citizens from Niger when the neighbors warn of war
France is all set to evacuate hundreds of French and European citizens from Niger on Tuesday, a day after neighbors Mali and Burkina Faso said any outside intervention to restore the ousted government could be a declaration to war
At least six people were killed in the communal flare-ups that first erupted in Haryana’s Nuh, India, on Monday and then spread to Gurgaon on Tuesday. Your comment on this?
Promising strict action against the culprits causing this issue should be taken at the earliest.
What are the 5 ways Trump and 6 co-conspirators tried to carry out an election scheme?
Donald Trump and his co-conspirators used false claims , state lawmakers, and capitol riot to overturn 2020 election results, per the indictment.
A Palestinian gunman was killed after he was found wounding five Israelis in gun attack. Your comment on this?
An off-duty Israeli police officer immediately shot the Palestinian gunman just outside the shopping mall.
Health Experts Are Warning of Leprosy Becoming Endemic to Central Florida. Your comment on this?
The leprosy cases in central Florida that lacked traditional risk factors, suggesting the area could be endemic for leprosy.
Should fans boycott Coors Field in response to miserable Colorado Rockies season?
What is your opinion on this?
Is India important in World Politics?
In addition to its economic role, India has a major political and military power.
Why do students need technology in their classroom?
Technology assists students with instant access to a great amount of information and resources.
Explain why do most sportsperson use shoes with spikes during their game?
Spikes provides larger frictional force than the normal shoes.